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Biometric Gun Safes installed in Headboards

Thanks to a wonderful new opportunity, we are now able to install Biometric (fingerprint recognition) or Code Entry gun safes into our headboards! We have a new website as well just for this purpose to see if it will make ordering them easier. Please check out our new product @ and let us know what you think!


Keep your weapon safely locked away from children but at instant access when you might need it most, within inches of your pillow!

When it comes to safety and protection, we believe it is our right and responsibility to keep ourselves and our families as far from danger and harm as possible. And we have devised a way to make this possible in a select few styles of our headboards!

As with all great products, we have created with form and function as our foundational principle, to afford everyone that owns a gun, to have a safe, high quality piece of furniture that not only conceals the weapon from strangers and young children, but allows easy access to it when the gun owner may need it most.


We are proud to produce furniture that exceeds our customers expectations. We guarantee all work to be free from defects in materials or workmanship.

We use gun safes manufactured by Gunvault, which are warrantied for 5 years against burglary and fire and 1 year for mechanical.

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