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How to Choose the Best Custom Headboard and Bed For YOU: Part 3

After carefully considering your options through Steps 1-4 in Part 1 & 2 of this post, we should now begin to see what your Dream Bed is starting to look like. Step 5 & 6 will help solidify some of the most identifiable details that will set your bed apart.




At this point you may already have a strong desire for a certain look for the MAIN UPHOLSTERED AREA of your headboard. There are many options and details to go through, but it is really as simple as selecting which one(s) ring true to you and will complete the overall look that you are wanting to achieve.

Upholstered Processes include:

Plain/Smooth, Tufting, Channeling, Upholstered Panels and Accent Banding



Classic pulled upholstery. Smooth upholstery pulled tightly and evenly across the frame and foam.

Finished with expert detail for a complete and finished look.



Deep Button Hand Tufting or Diamond Tufting

Deep Button Tufted Headboard

For this type of tufting we generally use 2" deep foam and a layer of poly batting to additionally soften. This is the luxurious, yet comfortable style tufting that has been popular for centuries.


You may opt to use jewels/crystals for buttons instead of the standard self-covered buttons

Grid Stitch Tufting

Modern and Clean Line style tufting in which we stitch the fabric together in a grid formation and can either finish with a button at the intersections or we blind tuft (pull in, without a button).



Upholstered panels are a newer option for our beds, that have gained in popularity over the last few

years. A timeless design that applies to many different styles and purposes. Upholstered Panels are versatile and effective in creating a unique look for any space.



Vertical or Horizontal Channeling. A great option for someone looking for a simple modern, clean-line finished product. Channeled headboards can be made with as many as few channels as desired. Generally channel sizes are about 9-12" in width each.

Vertical Channel Shelter Wingback Bed
Horizontal Channel Upholstered Bed



Banding separates the center of the headboard from the edge, giving the additional element of dimension and detail. Banding is generally 2-4" wide, and varies based on the rest of the design.





Additional & Finishing Details:

Nailhead Trim, Furniture Legs & More!



Nickel Nailhead

Adding the additional element of the metal nailhead adds contrast and a finer element of detail to all of our pieces. You can add 1 or 2 rows of nailhead to many bed styles for additional embellishment.

Nailhead Finishes

We offer a wide array of metal finishes to compliment your beds design.

Design Tip: We recommend always selecting the same finish metal for your nailhead that may already be in the room. For example if you have Satin Nickel door handles on your doors, or your lighting has a gold/brass finish, it is best to stay with those finishes for your nailheads.



We offer:

  • Automatic TV Lifts in our Footboards

  • Concealed Gun Safes in our Headboards

  • USB / Electrical Ports

  • Storage Trundles

We are always willing and ready to accommodate any special requests that will make your custom headboard and bed more enjoyable for you. We look forward to new requests and opportunities every day!

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