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5 Best Ways to get a Luxury Resort-Style Bed and Headboard right for You.

High end luxury hospitality has always hyper-focused their design teams to create the type of environment we deeply desire that allow us to escape to a place where we can unwind and decompress, yet also have the creature comforts of our own space at our fingertips. After all, this is their business, so it would be wise to take a queue from their expertise and the trends they create, and we should soon follow.

As wonderful as it is to stay at a Hyatt, a Fairmont, any of the W Hotels, or Loews brand hotels or a Four Seasons should we ever be so blessed, we can recreate these experiences in our own space, but make them even better!


Here are 5 of the best ways you can recreate the feeling and experience of a Luxury Hotel Bed:

1. GO BIG... When you go home.

A common factor among all luxury hotel rooms is the centerpiece of the room which is a large, luxurious headboard or upholstered wall panel treatment. When you first step into your room the the bed should invite you to dive in after a long day of travel and dial up room service. A taller headboard of 6-7 feet tall or higher, creates an environment of abundant comfort. Headboards and/or Upholstered Wall Panels that are wider than the bed by at least 2 feet on each side can extend behind night tables that help echo the high level of luxury that the resort has to offer.

10 feet tall Deep Diamond Tufted Wall Panels


The equation seems simple, but there is a bit more to it than just this. As much as I do not love the idea of budgeting to buy a new bed every 2 or 3 years, neither do luxury hotels. Even though hotels are generally required to refurnish their spaces at minimum every 5 years to keep customers wanting to come back, fortunately most people do not have to worry too much about this aspect. But we do want to love the look and feel for at least 5 years, maybe 10 or more.

When I am designing a bed for a client or for the website, I like to take the best of the best options and apply them to our beds and headboards. Trends going forward in hospitality that we are seeing a lot of are: Upholstered Channeled (vertically & horizontally), Upholstered Wall Panels (Rectangular Grid & Deep Diamond Tufted) as well as simple Grid-Stitch tufted details can give way to the timeless fashion we are looking to achieve. Wingback & Shelter style headboards are a great way to complete a bed design and encompass the bedding to create a 'nest' feeling and allow you to physically get INSIDE of your bed.

100" tall Vertical Channel Shelter Wingback Bed


As fun as it can be to add splashes of vibrant colors in your room, most interior designers would recommend to add those in bedding and pillows which can be changed out easily, and with the seasons. Colors in nature can be very neutral as in grays, beige, greige or white. Colors such as blues and greens can also be very soothing, after all these are very abundant colors of nature, and still create a great backdrop for any of the variety of colors you might like to spice it up with afterwards.

Vertical Channel Shelter Wingback in Olive Green Velvet


A nice option that is always useful when in staying abroad is a safe place to keep valuables and or necessities, and have them close at hand. While keeping your items safe in your home is not usually as much of a concern when in your own bedroom, hopefully :) - but it is nice to have the option to keep them under lock and key should you prefer.

We offer an option to have a concealed storage bay in any of our headboards of which we can install biometric (fingerprint) or code entry safes. The safe we use, a Speedvault 500, is specifically designed for firearm storage, however, it can be used to store anything you like that will fit inside. Cost is minimal at only $150 additional for the storage bay and the safes vary in price.

Gunsafe storage bay with gunsafe ready to install


Convenience is one of the central focuses of a great design in hotels, which is one of the reasons we love them so much. Charging your phone as you doze off or keeping a tablet or laptop fully charged while in use is sometimes hard to put a value on, but at only $50 per USB/Electrical outlet we hope that you will find this is worth every penny. And not having to search for the electrical outlet or a cord behind a nightstand keeps our time free to enjoy the space we are in.

Optional USB port with Electrical Outlets

We look forward to hearing from you and working closely with you to create the luxury bed of your dreams!

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