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More than just beds and headboards...

With the addition of our newly renovated website this past week to hopefully aid in easier and faster communications with our customers, we also now showcase more of our offerings and opportunities to build exciting, new creations.

We are always excited to offer innovative and creative new products that will allow you to hopefully enhance your bedroom as well as the rest of your home. Here are the newest additions:

Upholstered Wall Panels


One of the most popular items we are known for is to make a 'bigger than life' headboard. And one way we have found to out-do ourselves is to completely cover a wall in upholstered wall panels.

By making the installation relatively simple, we can now ship the separate upholstered panels in 1-2 boxes, along with instructions, and our customers can enjoy a fully upholstered wall in very short time. The upholstered wall panels have exceeded reasons that we could think of initially, when customers decided to use them simply as decorative wall panels, or acoustic elements in a theater room. Also great for kids rooms to liven up the atmosphere, and play areas to protect the walls and the children. In the past we would advocate the wall panels mainly for a statement headboard piece. But obviously, they have so much more potential.

Classic  Quik Ship Headboard with Nailhead and Bed Frame


We are and have always been known as a custom bed manufacturer, with a standard lead time of at least 4 weeks. But in hopes to satisfy a large group of our existing customer base that generally needs to have their furniture in a more expedient fashion, we are introducing a select line of custom made headboards that will be ready for pickup or delivery in 5-7 business days.

For our many investors and decorators that are flipping houses, decorating vacation rentals or just need staging furniture for their many projects, we now can provide a custom piece to fit your decor, at a fair price and our quickest lead times.


Having a firearm close to your bed does allow for a better night sleep knowing that if you need your firearm while in bed, you can access it in a matter of seconds. By working with the right

Gunsafe Bed

company, GunVault, we have been able to successfully build into our headboards using their biometric safes. It's a perfectly sleek design that is thin enough to fit into the secret compartment we have built into the headboard. This is a great product that makes very happy customer.

Looking forward to another great year of working with and collaborating with current customers and new customers. The best is yet to come! Blessings, Jordan.

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