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How to Choose the Best Custom Headboard and Bed For YOU: Part 2

After navigating our way through Steps 1 & 2, in Part 1 of this post, you now have a basic idea of the direction you are wanting to go, and have determined whether you are wanting a Headboard Only or the complete Headboard and Bed Frame. As well, you should know whether you are wanting a Panel or Wingback headboard.

With that, we are quickly on our way to finding your custom design and the details that will make this piece so special for you.


STEP #3.



Rectangular, Simple, Advanced, Expert or Custom Shaping


Rectangular Upholstered Panel Headboard
Vertical Channel Wingback

Rectangular shaping minimizes shaping, and offers clean Lines. A simple, rather basic headboard and bed frame design can give your room a very neutral palette to work with. Changing the style of linens, throw pillows or the surrounding decor is never an issue when you have a piece that is neutral, yet can still make a bold statement. This option can keep

the design space very quiet and peaceful, but you can also spice it up with the environment around if you



Simple Shaped Monroe Headboard
Simple Shaping Wyatt Beds

Gentle arched top or otherwise, simple shaping will enhance the design of the headboard and start to give your space a personality of it's own. You can also add shaping to the bed frame for additional character.

This is a great classic way to add style to your bed and set a tone for the room.


Advanced Detail Custom Headboard

Emma Headboard

An additional level of skill and effort is required for some of our more popular styles. But the smaller amounts of additional attention to detail go a long way in the finished product. We are able to customize any of our designs to fit within your needs.


Expert Detailed Custom Headboard
Expert Detail Custom Wingback Headboard

When the bed IS the focal point. We specialize in creating styles that have never been seen or done before. Unique designs, shaping and over-sized pieces are what can really set the tone for the design in the room. Because we are able to make these beds as requested, engineered in a way that they are able to pass the most rigorous stress tests, and we have the logistics in place to have our masterpieces arrive to our customers safely and easy to assemble. We believe our expert detailed beds are one of the more popular reasons many of our clients choose us for their custom projects.


Custom Fit between Windows Headboard
Custom Fit Between Windows Headboard

We can work from your photos, drawings and inspiration to create a one-of-a-kind shape, or to fit a headboard into tight spaces between windows, walls or around other obstacles. Working closely with our clients to get accurate measurements we will ensure a perfect fit and a satisfactory outcome every time.


STEP #4.



Low Profile, Average, Above Average, Tall, or Oversized


Tip: A great way to determine your desired height of headboard is to use blue or green painter's tape and apply it to the wall above your mattress at different heights you might like. You will need to envision your headboard at this point, and it's good to give yourself at least 24 hours with the tape in place at your pre-determined height. This way you can better envision how it will look to you at different times of day.



Low Profile: 36-48"T

Average: 48- 60"T

Above Average: 60-72"T

Tall: 72- 80"T

Oversize: 81"-120"

Note: Headboards can be made to ANY height or size. However, oversized headboards generally have to be made to assemble on site for ease of transport and delivery.


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