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Tall Tufted Headboards, Here to stay

Tall tufted headboards are here to stay. Let's be honest, they are everywhere and always have been! They are in every magazine ad, every movie set, the back drop in so many sitcoms and on every episode of "Cribs" (sorry that dates me) you see every celebrity was showing off their amazing headboard which was a reflection of their awesome style.

I am proud to offer unlimited possibilities in heights, styles and options, in addition our products excel in quality, craftsmanship and value. We outperform the big box stores and even the local custom manufacturers, because this is ALL WE DO. We make extraordinary headboards and bed frames at any height up to 10' tall, with many options such as wingback sides, tufting, lighting, detailed shaping, nailhead work and more. We love what we do and are glad that we are here to assist. We can work from pictures and images of beds other people have made or celebrity beds to make exact replicas or we can alter/modify the design so it is more suited to what the customer needs.

Please feel free to call for a quote or email any pictures to: I look forward to working with you and for you. With Thanks! Jordan

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