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What are the benefits of Upholstered Wall Panels?

When given the opportunity to transform a space, and make a BOLD statement with something NEW & something that will stand the test of time it's best to weigh all of your options. And we offer many, many options through our website and beyond.


The functional benefits of upholstered panels are: Acoustic Enhancement, Softening the Look & Feel of the otherwise hard walls, and Sound Deadening Qualities.


With the design trends of tomorrow definitely leading the way to a clean-line modern luxury it is safe to say the upholstered wall panels will be a showstopper for years and years to come, if your space allows. The modern elegance of the upholstered wall panels offer a complete look without feeling cluttered or overdone. With so many options available through our website and those yet to come, we can create an extremely diverse palette of options.

Some of our most popular upholstered wall panel options are: The Rectangular Grid, The Random Geometric and the Deep Diamond Tufted. Read more about these styles below if you like:

The Rectangular Grid

The Rectangular Grid Wall Panel style creates a solid anchor to any space. As one of our most popular style wall panels, with literally endless fabric options (as you may provide your own with any style), this wall panel option can camouflage as well as stand out as the centerpiece or as the backdrop to any great space.

The Random Geometric Wall Panels

The Random Geometric Wall Panel invites an artistic flare with crisp lines running parallel and perpendicularly, strategically intersecting and terminating at well thought out points to create a thought persuasive conversation piece.

The Deep Diamond Tufted Wall Panels

Deep Diamond Tufted Wall Panels are one of our most luxurious options which allows for an elegant headboard piece and often expanding to the left and right of the bed create a dramatic and inviting feel. This panel is generally 5" in thickness overall, and is well padded and suits very well as a headboard, or adds elegant luxury to any space.


Pricing for our upholstered wall panels are similar to how an upholstered headboard would be priced on a per square foot basis. So if you are weighing the cost difference, there is not a difference per square foot. However, because wall panels tend to be larger than a standard headboard you should expect the bottom line to reflect the overall additional space and size of the project.

Independent Upholstered Bed Frames

We also offer matching upholstered bed frames to complete the overall look and feel for any bedroom. Our bed frames are made independent of the wall panels, in a platform style bed so that the bed and mattress can be pushed completely up to the wall panels to best utilize the wall panels as a headboard.

Add a Custom Headboard

We often have the client who would like to add the upholstered headboard to go in front of the wall panels. Clients can choose any style headboard they like, however, it is best to go with a headboard that does not take away from the look of the wall panels, rather compliments the overall look.

We love to create new designs every day and look forward to hearing from you if you should have any special requests or projects that pose a challenge. This is what we do, and are eager to assist in any way we can. Feel free to call (602)432-2442 or email your requests.

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