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We now have headboards IN STOCK!

Finally, the answer is YES!! For years, more frequently than I care to recall, I have had to turn away customers who needed a headboard right away. I understood that I could not help those customers with my own product, and often sent them off to big box stores where they may have to settle for something in between the headboard they really wanted and the headboard the received.

Being that all my headboards and bed frames were custom made to order, they require 4-6 weeks to get them done. But in the last couple months, we have decided to take our time to devote to the potential customer who will call me and hopefully we will have the headboard they are looking for.

We try to keep about 10 of our most popular styled headboards on hand at all times, between King, Queen and Full sizes.

If we do not have the exact style or size in stock, our selection of In Stock styles are generally a quick turn around and are less costly than some of our more custom models. We will call these Semi-Custom Headboards. Save you money and get it now, or almost now.


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